By amirman

I have organized this blogue into 5 sections which encompass different topics and blogging styles:

  • The First section, titled “Sociological Perspective,” is where i intend to examine the sociological perspective on whatever comes to my mind. Although i am most academically inspired by Karl Marx’s social-scientific ethic i am not aligned to any particular sociological paradigm and generally favor a holistic approach to understanding phenomena.
    • The Second section, titled “Idiotech: noob guides,” is where i intend to put my experiences with computer related technologies to good use. I have had a lot of failures and eventual successes that could be useful to the nervous people out there who would rather have a good unassuming walkthrough to guide them.
    • The Third section, titled “Open Source Life: Ideas to Steal,” is where i plan to engage creatively with whoever thinks i have a good idea and wants to build on it or hi-jack it. I believe in free information and plan to experiment with implementing the copyleft philosophy to the creative process. If you are to take any of these ideas for your own creative process the terms i state are that you not lie about it being derived from my idea and that you not be a jerkoid to me by my definition of the word “jerkoid.”
    • The Fourth section, titled “Approve/Disapprove.” is simply where i plan to either approve or disapprove of a person, place, thing, or idea and explain my position.
    • The Fifth section, titled “Nonsense,” has no purpose and therefor can not be adequately explained.



    2 Responses to “What is this foolishness?”

    1. January 8, 2008 at 7:46 pm

      I like the design and look forward to approving/disapproving of some sections.

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    hi, nice to meet you

    the above statement is intended to give my blogue a more personable ambiance than the cold, web 2.0, plastic interfaced alienation of the rest of the internets. although it is a lie because i have yet to meet you please be assured that i would like to use this virtual real estate of mine to engage in dialogue with many positive, informed, and creative netizens of the web wide world such as yourself. This preemptive meeting is a self-fulfilling prophecy of our eventual association. If you enjoy tea, by all means, take this opportunity to enjoy a cup...

    my name is Amir. I'm a student of Sociology and History. I live in the rural reaches of eastern Kentucky with my wife and son. I am studying to be a High School teacher where it will be my goal to inspire and nurture critical thinking skills in students. I like to blame my frequent failure to capitalize correctly on my affinity for the prolific author and poet e.e.cummings who taught me that capitalization is more useful for EMPHASIS rather than propriety whereas it is most likely the fault of a lazy left pinky or ring finger.

    Enjoy your visit; it was nice to meet you.

    when are you?

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