watch weird science online.

*edit* please disregard the majority of this article. veohtv apparently has lost the rights to show weird science and therefor it lacks what i would call “any good content.” You can still watch weird science on fancast.com but it runs in a tiny box and you can’t fullscreen it and it blares these dumb ads for a truck all the time, oh yeah and the background is bright white which makes it hard to watch a video in a small window on a bright white background. AHHHH anyway here’s what i wrote which is almost toally useless now:

i approve of the USA network television show from the 90’s Weird Science

the show was based on a movie with the same title which is ehhh …okay, but the tv show was amazing, i loved it as a kid and i love it still. the best part is that i can watch it now for free whenever i want with the aid of a semi-high speed internet connection. i’m always looking for ways to watch tv on my laptop and i had run into a brickwall when it came to content until rercently. a website called fancast just recently got permission to show a bunch of new stuff, including my beloved weird science. you can watch the shows from their website but you’ll run into a few pains that way. my preferred method is to use a piece of software called veohtv. i used this software a while back and it was extremely lacking in content. it was genuinely a pain in the butt. but now it has the most content of any application i’ve used including tvu, joost, and miro. i still use miro for podcasts though even though i dont need to. i encourage everyone to go get a headful of some weird science episodes.


1 Response to “watch weird science online.”

  1. 1 Corey
    January 16, 2008 at 1:13 pm

    I was totally obsessed with that show. I actually liked the TV versions of Wyatt and Gary way better. Hell, I think even the TV Chet was better.

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