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Port Forwarding for Soulseek

This video is a screen capture showing how to configure your ports for soulseek so that you can get better results and faster and more reliable file transfers.

First i am showing how to check if your ports are open or closed.

next i show how to find your IP adress: you will need to go to your start menu and type “cmd” and then at the command prompt, type “ipconfig /all”

you will then need to look at the ip address given on the “ip address” line.

then i show how to access your router. the default ip for this may be different for you, i suggest to google search the particular model of the router you use.

you will then need to find something similar to “virtual servers” and once in there put in the right ip address and the port you’ve specified from the soulseek preferences menu.

after that is saved, you will need to close soulseek and open it back up as the changes will not come into effect until you do.

then check your ports again. ta-da. if that doesnt work you most probably have a firewall that is blocking that port whether it be the windows firewall or the one that comes with your security software. you will need to go into your firewall and open that particular port for soulseek.


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my name is Amir. I'm a student of Sociology and History. I live in the rural reaches of eastern Kentucky with my wife and son. I am studying to be a High School teacher where it will be my goal to inspire and nurture critical thinking skills in students. I like to blame my frequent failure to capitalize correctly on my affinity for the prolific author and poet e.e.cummings who taught me that capitalization is more useful for EMPHASIS rather than propriety whereas it is most likely the fault of a lazy left pinky or ring finger.

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